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Banksy Event Space Gallery

Have an idea of a guest speaker of a topic you'd like to see as an event? Help us out and add your ideas to our box!


Oh The Possibilities...

This space is perfect for any event ranging from formal to casual, during business hours or after.  Looking for a great event idea? We'll help you out:

  • Weekly/Monthly Classes

  • Workshops

  • Panel Discussions

  • Lunch and Learns

  • Game Nights

  • Guest Speakers

  • Book Clubs

  • Training

  • Birthdays

  • Network Events

  • Charity Swaps

  • Family Events

And so much more!

What We Offer...

The Banksy room has:

  • Two 75" Samsung Smart TV's

  • Two Sono's surround sound speakers

  • 20 moveable tables that seat 40 in a classroom setting but is capable of at least 70 people seated in the room and more in a sit/stand event. 


There is a large garage door that opens up to a parking area, which also has a basketball hoop for indoor/outdoor fun and this would allow 70+ people to use the space.


The Smart TV's can be cast to using the Google Chrome web browser and works perfectly using a PC or Mac.  The Sono's speakers can be cast to using Spotify Premium or using the Sono's app. 

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